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Yangan's Cash & Carry store is dedicated to providing fresh food, sustainable local produce, convenient items & tasty, home-cooked meals for dine-in & take-away.

Cash & Carry

Yangan Cash & Carry is a small, family owned convenience store and cafe. The YCC is widely known by Yangan’s local community as their historic corner store running now for 130 years. For over 12 years of managing the Yangan Cash & Carry, we have been solely dedicated to our local community by employing and supporting local customers and suppliers.

Yangan as the first destination along the incredible Scenic Route, next stop from Aratula, it is the YCC that can provide locals, tourists and regional workers with delicious dine-in or take-away homemade meals, hot and cold beverages, confectionary items and snacks, fresh food & local produce, fuel and a wide range of everyday necessities.

Come along and experience Yangan’s rich history amongst its spectacular scenery, whilst also enjoying the best chicken burger and chocolate milksake in QLD!


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